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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Thinking of the Finnish cuisine, potato, fish, cabbage and tasteless meals might be the obvious things on most travelers’ mind, but Rovaniemi offers a great culinary experience. This is the leading city for cuisine in the Finnish Lapland region. Rovaniemi has a vibrant cultural life and this diversity also extends to its restaurants.

Our fav places to eat in Rovaniemi:

1. Tsar restaurant

Lordi square and shopping malls are popular spots in Rovaniemi , where in the neighbourhoods tourists and locals can find several very nice restaurants, cafés, eateries.

Tsar Restaurant with unique interior is one of the best options where you can enjoy some quality dinner-time with your loved-ones, tasting the most delicious Russian cuisine. Super friendly staff, excellent and fast service. Don’t forget to make a reservation before arriving.

2. Breakfast at Glass Resort

In Lapland Finland we had the best food experience at Glass Resort restaurant in Santa Claus village, which is available for hotel guests. Your booking includes a luxury apartment, private sauna, Jacuzzi and also a super delicious breakfast. It wasn’t only the simple continental breakfast, there were a lot of salami and sausages, fresh breads, vegetable salads, Finnish cheese, pancakes, chocolates, local jams, fruit juices. And a great surprise for us, the very delicious blueberry soup.

3. Santa`s Salmon Place

Santa’s Salmon Place in Santa Claus Village is famous for amazing salmon dishes grilled on open fire in the middle of a tent blanketed with reindeer fur. This is a small place, there are only 5-6 tables inside where you can sit. Menu consists of 3 meals: fresh salmon cooked on open fire served with Finnish salad and bread, traditional Finnish cheese with cloudberry jam and cheesecake dessert, and hot and cold drinks. This place is definitely the best spot for salmon, absolutely worth a visit.


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