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  • If you decided to have a holiday in the wonderful Seychelles, you have to book an accommodation in advance, print the proof of your accommodation for the whole stay and show it at the airport on arrival for one of the immigration officers. It is one of the requirements of visitor’s permit. Otherwise they can refuse entering the country.

  • You can find wide range of accommodations on different websites, where you can arrange the booking and the payment (fully or partly) in advance (, airbnb,, and many more)

  • In the Seychelles there are no campsites and tent sites, as a tourist you can’t sleep outdoor. Unfortunately camper van (RV) rental companies not working in the Seychelles and you can’t find any hostels as well.

  • Seychelles is not exactly backpacker budget friendly, but you can have a FREE opportunity: coachsurfing. You can find several reliable hosts who accept guests in their own home for free, so you can save lots of money on accommodation.

  • On online booking sites you will find the best accommodation for you: if you want to spend little money, the cheapest accommodation is a private room (with bathroom, Wifi, air-conditioning) in a guest-house. Usually not on the beachfront, but close to the ocean and hosts can provide breakfast or you can be self-catering while on holiday.

  • If you have more money, you can book a cosy apartment or a tiny holiday cottage, chalet or villa with bedrooms, kitchen, Wifi, air-conditioning, parking, washing machine, … etc. Usually you have a balcony and a garden as well. Most of them are self-catering, sometimes including private pool

  • Holiday homes on the hills, far from the beach, are cheaper than villas on the beach. If you are a family with children, you have to book a larger house with 2-3 bedrooms, of course it is more expensive than a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Half-board or full-board hotel rooms, villas, bungalows with sea view, private pools, room service, airport shuttle, free parking are popular among the tourists. You can find other great services around your accommodation: bar, restaurant, tour operators, etc.

  • The most expensive category of accommodations is luxury spa resorts’ villas with private beach and exceptional world-class services during your stay: gourmet restaurant, private BBQ, wellness center, gym, yoga, spa treatments, massage, swimming pool, outdoor activities, children programs and everything else. This kind of accommodation is more unique when the resort is on a private island.

  • You can stay anywhere in the Seychelles, in a small room of a guest-house or in a luxury villa of a resort, you can be sure that your host or staff will be super-friendly and help you to arrange everything you need, they are very kind and helpful and try to make your holiday perfect.


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