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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

1. In Seychelles, following British traffic rules means driving on the left-hand side of the road, as in the UK, which requires more attention for those used to European rules.

2. Only Mahé and Praslin island have road-network, you can rent a car on these islands. On La Digue island you can use a bicycle.

3. On Mahé island there is a main road along the coastline, but it is not a ring road. In the northern part of the island, in the municipality of Bel Ombre, the possibility for cars to continue on the road will be eliminated and the "ring" road will also be interrupted in the municipality of Cap Ternay. Between the two settlements there are forested mountain footpaths.

4. There are a couple of roads for the cars which cross the mountains

5. From the airport to Victoria you can enjoy a dual carriageway

6. In the capital you can find well maintained, well painted roads, roundabouts, traffic lights, with many street lights on the roads

7. But the country roads are narrower, there is only centerline marking on them, with no shoulders at the margins. In smaller villages there are single track roads with passing places

8. Victoria is a densely populated capital with dense traffic and significant traffic jams. Parking spaces in the capital ate limited. In the city center it’s difficult to find any spaces and you have to pay for parking. Around the city center you can find more carparks in walking distance, they are usually free, so you can save money.

9. North of Mahé there are lots of nice beaches (Beau Vallon, Bel Ombre, Carana, Anse Nord D’est...) , hotels, chalets where you can live during your holiday, but you have to know that everytime you want to take a trip, you have to go across Victoria, can’t avoid it. If you choose an accomodation south from Victoria and want to visit the northern parts, it will take some extra travel time. When visited Labrinn Bazaar in Beau Vallon from Anse Boileau, the way to do was 20 km and we needed one and half hour to get to the food market in the dense traffic.

10. At the famous, large beaches the car parking is solved, you can easily find a space for your car at a carpark or along the road.

11. Eden Island is worth a visit, jetty with yachts, beach villas, restaurants are nice, you can go for a romantic walk there, while putting your car in Eden Plaza carpark for 25 SCR.

12. Don’t park your car under a coconut tree! Protect your car from falling coconuts

13. Mountainous roads are steep and narrow with hairpin turns, be careful on them

14. Along the roads in smaller villages there are wildbirds, chickens and dogs walking or resting on it, be careful, take care of them!


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