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In 2022, Easter will be celebrated in mid-April and this festive season, like Christmas, will again be spent in Iceland.

What to expect if you are planning a trip to Iceland at Easter
  • The weather in April is still very changeable and wintry, with temperatures averaging between 1 and 7 degrees Celsius, but the day length reaches 15 hours in the middle of the month, giving plenty of time for excursions and outdoor activities. The weather forecast for Iceland for the next 5 days can be found here:

  • The middle of April is no longer an ideal time to see the aurora borealis, but with luck you still have a chance to see the lights. You can check the current aurora forecast for the next 2 days at this link:

  • In Iceland, Easter is a long weekend of 5 days from Thursday to Monday with family or friends, and many people spend this period skiing. If you're planning an Easter trip to Iceland, you should be aware of the changed opening hours of shops. The majority of grocery stores and supermarkets are usually closed on Fridays and Sundays, but this may vary from store to store or within the same chain of stores.

Easter advice for travellers to Iceland
  • Prepare for changeable and wintry weather and pack accordingly

  • Be sure to check the opening hours of shops and restaurants before you set off. Be aware that many grocery stores and supermarkets are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so plan your shopping accordingly

  • Taste local lamb dishes in Icelandic restaurants

  • Taste Icelandic Easter beer

  • Buy and eat chocolate eggs

  • Listen to a festive organ concert at Hallgrímskirkja Church, which will be held this year on Holy Saturday. The lifting of local covid restrictions will allow you to attend concerts and similar events freely. See the latest epidemiological recommendations here:

  • Visit a spa during the festive long weekend. It is important to know that the spas are open during the festive period, but the Blue Lagoon will be closed for maintenance from 20 April. Check their website before you go.

  • The opening hours of Kolaportid flea market and the city museums are not affected by the Easter holiday and tour operators are also open.

Follow our Facebook posts, join us for Easter in Iceland: from 14 to 19 April 2022 we will be visiting Reykjavík, the Reykjanes-peninsula and the destinations of South Iceland, with tours from Skógarkot cottage. Photos and videos will be available on our facebook page:


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