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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

First of February we completed this wonderful tour by car to the carpark, then by cable car to the upper station, then on foot to La Fortaleza viewpoint. It was a nice short walk in the sunny and chilly weather, minus 1 at the peak (24-25 celsius on the beaches at the same time).

If you plan to visit Teide volcano, 3718 m high, you can choose from several options. You can book an organized tour, even at night, in which case there is nothing special to do, the organizer will arrange everything. If you organize yourself, you can reach the free carpark at an altitude of 2300 meters, where your car must be parked. You can choose going by cable car from here, with a ticket buying at the station or buying online before travel (it is advisable to buy a ticket online in advance for the given date and time), the return ticket price is 37 EUR for 1 adult and 18.50 EUR for a child aged 3-13 (prices in 2022). From the parking lot, it is also possible to continue on a hiking trail, it is recommended for more experienced hikers. With the document confirming the prebooked ticket (printed at home or saved on the phone's screen) you have to queue a little and pick up the boarding card to get into the cable car. You will need the same card backwards. When the cable car reaches the upper station (3555 m), you continue on a built-up walking path (about 700 m) to La Fortaleza viewpoint, and from there on the same route back to the cable car.

Anyone who likes challenges can climb the peak of Teide, but this requires a special permit from the national park, also booked in advance (free and available for a two-hour time interval). If you have such a permit, this should also be printed out and presented at the upper station to staff. The road to the peak is very steep, only recommended for those in good condition.

It's good to know that you can find vending machines at the upper station if you're thirsty (coin-operated), and the air is very dry up there, with 10-20% humidity ... There's a toilet at the upper station. But at the lower station, the infrastructure is much better, buffet, cafe, souvenir shop, toilets, etc. can be found.

We started our tour at 9 in the morning, when the station opened. There were a few visitors there and a few cars in the parking lot. Two hours later when we came down, a huge crowd was waiting at the station to get up, parking lot is full of cars. So it was worth going there early in the morning.

The roads leading to Teide, especially the southern road, are very busy, with a lot of motorcyclists, cyclists, quads, please drive very carefully

Descending south, you can stop at viewpoints where you can take photos and admire the pine forest. At 1500 meters there is a nice village, Vilaflor, don’t miss it.

During your Teide tour, remember that weather is quite cold, especially at the top, so it is recommended to dress warmly and layered. And don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen at home, solar radiation is very strong!

Important: children under 3, disabled people with wheelchairs and animals are not allowed to enter the cable car!

Ticket information, current weather, ticket purchase:

Application for a national park permit to climb the summit:

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