London is one of the most exciting destinations of Europe with several different places, it is impossible to explore fully. If you have smart travel tips, you can save money in London. Explore the city`s free spots and free things to do, roaming free in wonderful parks, markets, streets, squares, bridges, visiting world-class museums, iconic buildings and doing activities without any fees.

Here is a short list offered by “Cat in the baggage”:

1. Visiting the most famous must-see buildings, bridges, squares in London: Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square… If you want to save money, see them from outside and take some photos

2. Visiting most of the museums in London is free (excluded the special exhibitions), for example Natural History Museum, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern, Science Museum and many more

3. Visiting churches and cathedrals, most of them are free and many of them offer free concerts

4. Taking a trip to Greenwich:

- Climbing to the top of the hill in Greenwich Park and outside the Royal Observatory, where you can enjoy the best view of London

- Walking through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel between the north and south banks of the Thames, underneath the river

- Taking photos of Cutty Sark, a 150 year old merchant ship (tea clipper) in Greenwich

- Visiting Queen`s House

- Visiting the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum and Queen's House are free, but you still need a ticket to enter.

5. Booking a free visit to Sky Garden, which is London`s highest public garden and enjoying the view of the city

6. Walking the Thames Paths

7. Enjoying the parks in London, feeding squirrels and relaxing

8. Taking a walk in Camden town, visiting the market

9. Visiting Covent Garden, which is one of the best food, cultural and shopping destination with street performers