Updated: Jan 30

How to plan our holiday in the festive period?

In 2020 we spent the end of year in Iceland and we ran into inconveniences because of being not prepared: closed stores, shortened opening hours, limited services. This year in 2021 we have carefully studied the websites of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, tour operator companies etc., sent questions and received answers about the festive opening hours and services. Now sharing our guide with those who also plan their trip to Iceland at Christmastime.

Iceland, and mostly the capital, Reykjavík is a popular Christmas destination, a record number of visitors are expected, so it is necessary to plan programs on time, arrange bookings if needed.


We are going to visit our favorite restaurants in Reykjavík: Seabaron and Café Loki. Seabaron makes the most delicious lobster soup and grilled fish, Café Loki serves traditional Icelandic meals at reasonable prices. They will be open every day of the last week of 2021, reservation is offered for groups. More details on their websites:

Sky Lagoon spa

We are going to spend the afternoon of Christmas day at Sky Lagoon, the new and popular spa of Reykjavík. They are open on 24th Dec: 10.00-15.30, 25th, 31st: 10.00-16.30, 26th: 11.00-21.30, 27th-30th: 12.00-21.30, 1st of January: 13.00-22.30, but most of the tickets have already been sold for New Year's day, because many people start the new year with bath or spa visit. The same goes for Blue lagoon spa.

Perlan museum and experience centre

Exhibitions and observation deck of Perlan are must-visit places in Reykjavík. They will be closed on 25th December and 1st of January. More info:

Bus transport

Public bus transport is limited during the festive period, buses drive on Saturday or Sunday timetable. More details: