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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Santa Claus Village is the most popular destination in Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus, magical winter wonderland with lots of different services for visitors: accomodations, tours, activities, souvenir shops, Santa Claus home, post office and excellent restaurants.

We could enjoy the real winter wonderland atmosphere when visiting this magical place at the end of October, 1 week before the opening of Christmas season.

After crossed the Arctic circle, we met Santa in his residence, where his team took some photos and video of the meeting. Photos and video of the meeting for 2 person costed 60 EUR.

After that we bought and posted Christmas cards for our relatives and friends from Santa`s Post Office. You can send postcards from the post office with special stamp, it will be a unique gift for your loved ones. Postcards from 1 EUR, stamp costs 1.70 EUR (to Europe)

In Santa Claus Village souvenir shops you can buy wide range of fridge magnets, keyrings, candles, Xmas tree decorations, knitted wear, T-shirts, reindeer furs and many more. Magnets from 4 EUR.

At Santa`s reindeer farm feeding was not available, so we took a reindeer sleigh ride around the village while warming up under reindeer fur on the comfy seats.

Our tour would not have been complete without visiting Santa`s Salmon Place which is a unique restaurant with amazing grilled salmon.

After that we've got another gastronomical experience at Kotahovi restaurant, eating a nice salmon soup, blueberry pie and glögi.

At the end of the day we checked-in to Glass Resort and enjoyed our exclusive glass igloo apartment with private sauna and jacuzzi. After dark we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the snowy and abandoned village, walking on the streets and squares filled with Xmas lighting decorations.



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