Updated: Feb 19

Organise your own tour

We have visited Iceland six times in the last three years, always self-organised and hassle-free. We also planned and organised the day trips ourselves, using a rental car. We only used a tour operator when it was absolutely necessary, e.g. whale watching, ice cave tours, lava tunnel tours. We would like to share with you our experiences to reduce the cost of the tour.

Iceland is a very safe country with high quality services, great hospitality and professionalism, so we can organise the tour ourselves. We can book flights, select and reserve accommodation, arrange car hire, book guided tours and spa tickets online from home. The easiest and quickest way to organise and take your trip is to have at least an intermediate level of English.

To plan a self-catering trip to Iceland, it is worth reading the numbeo website's comparison list of expected costs. In general, it is true that food and drink, transport, clothing etc. in Iceland are currently around one and a half to two times more expensive than in Hungary. For comparison, use your own place of residence.

Smart tips to reduce costs

  • Buying flight tickets

The cheapest flights are offered by low-cost airlines, with prices varying seasonally. The peak season, from June to August, is the most expensive, with the best weather and the most tourists visiting the island. If you want to reduce the cost of air travel, you should look for tickets outside the peak season, but expect rainfall, cooler and more unpredictable weather. Late August to September could be a good time to go, when the weather is still likely to be summery and the aurora hunting season is already underway.

To search for flights, it is worth using the websites and, which will help you find the cheapest flights. Wizzair operates direct flights from Budapest to Keflavík. When searching for flights, you should also consider connecting flights, e.g. via London, to increase the number of options and even make the trip cheaper.

Icelandic landscapes in October and December (Vík y Myrdal)

Road conditions in October and August

  • Car rental, fuel cost

If you have a driving licence and reliable driving experience, you can rent a car and get to more places on the island and move around more freely than if you were tied to a travel agency. Always choose a car according to the type of route you plan to take and the time of year and weather: if you don't plan to get off the main road 1 or take unpaved side roads, a cheaper small car (2WD) is a good choice. On side roads and in wintertime, however, the small car is not suitable, and you should choose from 4WD cars, which are at least one and a half times more expensive.

To find the right car hire company, browse the list and discount offers on the site.

List of the most popular companies:

In Iceland the most popular and widely used petrol stations are N1, Orkan, Olís, ÓB, with slightly different prices, but there may be some differences in fuel prices within the same company. Fuel prices are about 25-30% higher than in Hungary and about the same as in England.

  • Accommodation