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Stepping out of our wonderful apartment, the Yasmin's Houses we took short walks around the area, in Arco da Calheta, in order to know it better and find nice photography themes. Walking down the street we reached the residential area, meeting nice local people. Going up on Caminho das Florencas, the area becomes sparsely populated with few locals, we have seen more and more holiday homes (most of them abandoned or out of use) and gardens. Most of the houses and plots are for sale. Grazing goats and local cats greeted us.

There is a viewpoint (Miradouro das Florencas), a hidden gem, about 100 meters from the apartment. Here you will find an outdoor oven, benches, tables and beautiful views of the ocean at sunset. At the viewpoint there is an artificial irrigation channel (levada) surrounded by Agapanthus flowers, which this island is famous for. Along the levada, following the footpath you can walk across the mountain ranges. There is no parking places at the viewpoint for cars, and unfortunately it was not a really well-maintained place, but it still had a very calm atmosphere, worth a visit, worth to stop for a while and enjoy the landscape and take some photos. It is a really nice place for photography lovers.


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