Cheap self-catering holiday in the Seychelles

When we visited the Seychelles and spent 12 days there at the end of June 2019, we chose self-catering holiday homes where we had to take care of our own food. We bought our food in supermarkets and small local grocery shops, and also tried many restaurants, cafés and takeaways. This description is based on our own experiences.

We really enjoyed self-catering in the Seychelles, it is the best way to get closer to the local people, save money compared to those who stay in 5 star hotels, enjoy the same views and beaches as we did and pay 10 times more.

Our self-catering chalet in Anse Consolation, Praslin island

Shopping at local grocery stores

When you go shopping, don't expect a huge choice, especially in small villages. The choice is limited, you have to eat what you have, but that's not a problem, you can certainly find something for breakfast or dinner in the shops. We cooked breakfast or dinner almost every day and never had a problem finding eggs, bread, juices, water, tea or coffee, biscuits, snacks, ice cream, instant soup. We couldn't find our favourite brands, so we had to try new brands from South Africa, India, the UAE... but we enjoyed them, they were delicious and of good quality.

We had a problem with dairy products, they are not available in the smaller grocery stores.

The biggest problem for us was getting the cold cuts (salami, sliced ham, chorizo, sausages...), as they are available in the only STC hypermarket at a high price.

Meat products are also available in the smaller shops, especially frozen meats and ready-to-eat frozen products (pizza, meatballs, nuggets...), but you have to be careful with them because sometimes they don't have a label and expiry date, or they have an old and a new label with two different dates....

Our recommendations for local grocery stores:

Asmitha supermarket, Anse Boileau, Mahé

Shoprite at the petrol station, Grand Anse, Mahé

Farish Family Mart, Grand Anse, Praslin