Updated: Jul 26, 2021

We spent one week in Madeira in October, collected happy moments and new experiences there.

Take a look on our guide, which can help you in travel planning:

Weather conditions in Madeira

When you plan a holiday to Madeira, you should know that weather can have so many differences in several places at the same time. In comparison to the north, the south of the island is warmer. On the northern places weather is colder, wetter, foggier and there are more clouds and wind. This is the reason why the north coast is generally quieter with less tourists. When choosing an accommodation, consider these anomalies, and when you plan a trip to a colder place, layer your clothing for outdoor activities.

Generally the temperature is perfect all year around in Madeira, in wintertime doesn’t drop below 19 celsius in daytime and stay between 20 to 30 celsius in summer, especially on the southern parts of the island. Despite November, December and January being the coldest and wettest months of the year, you can face with storms anytime, it can be extreme weather conditions sometimes when heavy rain can flood roads, even in springtime. So, before you start your holiday, look at the weather forecast to make your trip a safe journey. Remember to bring your sunglasses with you to Madeira and use sun screen with UV filters.

If you want to see the freshest images or videos from Madeira, you can find some live webcams, especially in Funchal.



Driving experiences

In Madeira, you will experience one of the most challenging drives you ever had. If you want to stay alive, you have to adapt your driving to this island, your past experiences in other mountainous areas will help you to be safe on the roads. Madeira is a small island, you can drive around the whole island in around 3 and half hours without stops. Fuel prices in October 2020: about 1.4 EUR per litre for 95 unleaded fuel).

If you are afraid of driving a car in Madeira, you can choose taxi service or public transport to get to your accommodation or take day trips on the island or you can book tours and advantures from a tour operator company. (More travel infos and tips in a separate post)

We really enjoyed riding the cable cars in Madeira, we tried the Garajau cable car, Funchal cable car, Botanical garden cable car and the Achadas da Cruz cable car. It was an easy and comfy way to reach remote places and offered us unforgettable trips with exceptionally beautiful views.

Food experiences

If you are self-catering and need some foods from the supermarket, it takes max 10 minutes by car to get to a local supermarket. Continente Modelo and Amanhecer are the most frequent stores on the island. In the capital you can visit the farmer`s market as well, it is a must-visit place. Foods in supermarkets are cheap, worth to try them: fresh bakery products, freshly pressed orange juice, cold and smoked cuts like chorizo, wide selection of cheeses and many more.

If you are hungry, you can find a lot of options for eating or drinking something. You can find small cafès, bars and wide range of restaurants: smaller family-run restaurants or bigger, more elegant, more expensive restaurants. If you want to eat something special, you can go to Michelin starred restaurants (2 in Madeira), Michelin plate restaurants (4 in Madeira) and Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants (1 in Madeira), worth a visit. There are fast food eateries as well on the island, like McDonald's, KFC, Burger King.