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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Our experiences on the roads

1. We spent 1 week in Rovaniemi from 28th October to 4th November and made some trips around Rovaniemi and to Tankavaara, Inari, Kemi, Tornio and Haparanda, using our rental car.

2. On our holiday we had to face with winter road conditions as winter came early this year, snow covered everything and the temperature was below zero (-3 – 21 celsius)

3. We could see snow machines cleaning the roads from the snow, especially on motorways and around block of flats in Rovaniemi. Main roads were clean, but not perfectly cleaned. Side roads were also passable, blanketed in a carpet of snow and ice.

4. Ice and snow significantly increase the risks on roads, drive carefully in Lapland in wintertime

5. Calculating the travel time of your trips in Lapland, you have to take into account lower speed, for example on motorways the max speed limit is 100 kmh, but in wintertime, on snowy and icy roads it is not safe to reach this limit, you are able to drive only at 60-80 kmh

6. We had 2-3 days when snowing, about 30 cm of fresh snow altogether. In the mornings, before our day trips we had to clean the car carefully, warm up the car and de-icing the windscreen, which took at least extra 20 minutes

7. We rented a Volkswagen Polo from AddCar with petrol engine, winter tyres. It was easy to drive, good choice in wintertime

8. We were definitely satisfied with the service of AddCar, staff was friendly, car in excellent condition, easy process of picking up and dropping off the car

9. When visited Rovaniemi city center, we used the free 24 hour public parking at 4 Poromiehentie

10. In Revontuli shopping centre we could find free parking spaces, where payment not needed within 2 hours while shopping

11. Every destinations (hotels, restaurants, stores, museums…) has its own free carpark, you don`t have to worry about spending money for parking

12. In Rovaniemi, most of the roadside parking spaces is chargeable between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday

13. In Rovaniemi there are a lot of cyclists on the roads even in wintertime, be careful of them

14. Finns we met on the roads followed the traffic rules, driving carefully

15. You can go anywhere from Rovaniemi, you have to face with reindeers or moose walking on the roads. When you can see them, slow down and be careful, take care of them

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