Updated: Mar 21

The Seychelles are a wonderful group of small islands in the Indian Ocean, close to the African continent, with beautiful beaches where you can walk, swim, dive and take lots of beautiful photos and videos of the ocean, palm trees and granite boulders. The Seychelles is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so most tourists choose holiday packages in comfortable hotels with private beaches and spend their time snorkelling, diving, sailing, fishing, swimming and sunbathing on the beach. But there are also plenty of other activities: cultural activities, gastronomic experiences, tasting Creole cuisine, visiting interesting places away from the beaches, and attending events and festivals.

Here's our list of ways to spend your holiday in the Seychelles if you need to do something other than go to the beach:

1. Explore the islands

Rent a car and take excursions to the islands of Mahé and Praslin, or hire a bike and explore Praslin and La Digue. You can use the public transport (buses) as well on Mahé and Praslin island. More info:

We rented our cars at Exoticars rental company on Mahé island and at Capricorn in Praslin island and were very satisfied with the service.

It is not necessary to book a bike online in advance, when arriving on La Digue there are several rental shops next to the harbour where you can rent bikes for your one-day trip. There are no car rental agencies on the island of La Digue and no cars on the roads.

Read a separate post on:

- how you can get to each island

- our advice on car rental and driving.

2. Hike the mountain trails on the islands of Seychelles

For spectacular views from the viewpoints at the top of the mountains, take walks on the Copolia, Morne Blanc, Salazie, Casse Dent, Trois Fréres, Anse Major trails on Mahé island, Anse Georgette, Fond Ferdinand trails and the Vallée de Mai nature reserve trail on Praslin island. Of these, we only did the Vallée de Mai hike due to the high temperatures and high humidity. We also took guided hikes on the islands of Silhouette and Cousin.

More info on hiking trails: